Welcome to the official website of the ‘Humboldt-Gymnasium Weimar’ state grammar school.


The aim of the ‘Humboldt-Gymnasium Weimar’ is to prepare pupils aged 10-18 (years 5-12) for the Thuringian General University Entrance Qualification.

Our school has a reputation for providing happy, stimulating and supportive environments.

We have about six hundred students, sixty-five teachers, and other staff appreciating the good community spirit at school. Cooperation between students, teachers and parents is very important for us. We strongly desire that all people involved are willing to realize our aim for an harmonic school life. Education, and the development of the individual, is at the centre of our philosophy.

School Building

In 2008 our outdoor facilities were redesigned. Now the outer area with its new beach volleyball playground, and the “green classroom”, offers completely new, and extremely attractive possibilities.

In a few years our whole school building will be substantially renovated. The middle wing, including the foyer, was refurbished in 2002.

Origins Of Our School’s Name

The Humboldt brothers (Wilhelm 1767–1835, and Alexander 1769–1859) are remembered as great scientists whose influence is still felt in lots of different areas nowadays. Whereas Alexander von Humboldt devoted himself to scientific research, Wilhelm von Humboldt focused on cultural studies such as education, the theory of the state, language observation, literature and art. He was also an active politician and reformer in the system of school and higher education.