American clarinet-player teaches in Germany

A new way of learning English


 For six months, Laurel Meister (22) has been assistant teaching English at Humboldt Gymnasium in Weimar, and she is going to stay here for another four months. She grew up in Albuquerque, which is a city in the state New Mexico. After high school she went to Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, where she studied English, German and music. Growing up and going to school in cities with Hispanic influence made her very open-minded and interested in different cultures other than the American. Her father, who studied German, also played a major role in Laurel being interested in German culture. Laurel started to read German fairytales early and enjoyed the stories of Goethe, Schiller and especially the Grimm-Brothers. She has been playing the clarinet since she was eleven years old. Currently she is playing in two different ensembles. One is named “TubaLibre,” and the other one is the “Weimar Stadt Orchester”. They play traditional German and Russian music and also classic.
For her future she is looking forward to becoming a college professor for English and German literature. Before she goes back to America she will have many great opportunities to work with many different students and to learn more about teaching.
All in all, it was a really interesting conversation and we hope that Laurel plans to visit us in Weimar again.

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