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The French-Bilingual Branch Prepares For The French Baccalaureate (Baccalauréat)

In Form 5 pupils have the choice between being taught English or French as their first foreign language.
If choosing French, they have special possibilities. Forms 5 and 6 have very intensive French lessons to lay the basics for the bilingual education, which starts in Form 7 with bilingual History. In addition Social Studies or Geography are taught bilingually beginning in Form 9.

In Form 10 pupils have to decide whether they are interested in getting the French Baccalauréat in addition to the German General University Entrance Qualification. Our school is the only secondary school in Thuringia that offers this high-class qualification. The exchange visits with French schools accompany this training. Our partner for the double qualification “AbiBac” is the Lycée Felix Faure in Beauvais, Picardie, France.

Beside French as a first foreign language we offer English as the second foreign language, beginning in form 5.

Open Learning Beginning In Form 5

Our school seeks to provide a broad and balanced academic education, enabling pupils to develop self-confidence and extend their talents and skills in independent learning. For this reason we prefer to apply a more student-centred approach for several subjects. During three double lessons (Form 5 and 6) or two double lessons (Form 7 and 8) we focus on independent working – singly, with partners or in a team.
Lessons are often organized in forms of epochs, projects and weekly plans. In Form 9 these principles are integrated into the actual timetable, and lessons are increasingly structured in an interdisciplinary and project-orientated way.

In addition our school offers a project for mediators, where pupils try to solve their problems by themselves.

A broad offer of curricular and extra-curricular activities has been established, especially for the younger forms. There are several clubs, including theatre, tennis, dancing, and robotics.
Our school library can be used whenever needed.

Athletics Plus

Klasse Athletik plus

A unique feature of our school is “Athletics Plus”. Students can join the additional sports lessons “Athletics Plus” if they are particularly gifted sports persons. These pupils receive two extra lessons per week, which are linked to local sport clubs.

Our school is the only one with this kind of promotion in Thuringia. It is worth joining and pays off by lots of wins in many competitions and sport events.

Joint Learning With Disabled Pupils

We have thirteen years of experience that we use to teach blind and visually impaired pupils. By law children with a disability have equal rights, and have been fully integrated into general lessons since 2003. 

Four blind and visually impaired pupils have achieved General Qualification for University Entrance at our school. We also teach and support pupils with Special Educational Needs as well as Gifted and Talented pupils. They have individual learning plans and their developing needs and progress are regularly reviewed.

Supra-Regional Centre For Blind And Visually Impaired Pupils

The Media Centre was launched by the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs in 2006. It provides all schoolbooks and tasks for blind and visually impaired pupils.

Therefore the necessary equipment was installed and is constantly updated.

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